Taking Skin Rejuvenation to the Next Level

Our most intensive skin rejuvenation treatment yet! A cutting edge anti-ageing treatment that promotes new collagen growth through a series of different treatments, including micro channeling and Cryo Oxygen. The results are incredible! Skin is firmer, fine lines and wrinkles are plumped out. COMCIT is also a fantastic treatment for pigmentation and acne prone skin.

This innovative facial treatment from Crystal Clear has 4 simultaneous modes of action is designed to stimulate collagen production. This skin rejuvenation offers instant visible results without surgery and results get better as the collagen is produced after 4-14 days.

Best of all? COMCIT allows the entire face and neck to be treated in a single session, with particular attention paid to your individual areas of concern. It also allows you to return to a normal lifestyle immediately, with no downtime or interruption to your daily routine.

Also referred to as the ‘Instagram facial’ due to the skin having a perfect filter finish after treatment.  Skin becomes fresher, glowing and more taut.

Key Benefits Include

  • Increases skin firmness
  • Delivers deep penetration of the active COMCIT™ Skin Infusion Serums into the skin layers thereby plumping and smoothing lines and wrinkles.
  • The most advanced method of replacing lost moisture to the skin.
  • Provides oxygen to all levels of the skin.
  • Ensures a more hydrated skin.
  • Stimulates collagen production at a cellular level.
  • Reverses the damage caused by free radicals.
  • Allows the entire face and neck to be treated in a single session, with particular attention paid to the areas of concern.

Before & After

H20 Glow

H20 Glow – Get red carpet ready! This amazing Facial delivers brighter, fresher, hydrated skin using the fabulous COMCIT treatment that glows with a youthful radiance by plumping and rebalancing the skin from the inside out.

  • 1 hour – £80.00

The Frozen Facial

Enjoy a full cleanse and gentle exfoliation while tackling your skin concerns, stimulating collagen production and diminishing lines and wrinkles using the groundbreaking Crystal Clear COMCIT micro rollers. This is Crystal Clears breakthrough Facial and the results are incredible!

  • 1 hour – £85.00


Combining the fabulous Frozen Facial with full microdermabrasion for the ultimate in age reversing results from your first treatment

  • 1 hour 15 minutes – £90.00

Courses of 5 or 10 treatments are available. Book a course and receive a Free “Complex C” aftercare pack!